kitchen exhaust cleaning Milwaukee

Keep Your Kitchen

Air Maintenance Inc provides thorough and comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services. From the vent hood to the exhaust fan, our commercial cleaning experts pay great attention to detail cleaning your entire exhaust system.

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Milwaukee HVAC cleaning

Efficient and Effective
HVAC Cleaning

Keep your HVAC/r system performing at peak efficiency with regular cleaning service from the experts at Air Maintenance Inc. Our heating and cooling technicians provide efficient and effective HVAC/r system cleaning services to prevent future breakdown and ensure your system is performing at optimum energy efficiency.

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Air duct cleaning Milwaukee

Maintain a Healthy
Indoor Air Quality

Air Maintenance Inc is dedicated to providing a safer, healthier environment to live, work and play. We are the only certified NADCA and IKECA Duct cleaning and WHEA construction contracting company in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee ceiling cleaning

Revitalize Your

Air Maintenance Inc provides expert ceiling cleaning services to deodorize and revitalize your ceiling. Cleaning your ceiling will improve light and provide a healthier, more inviting environment for a fraction of the cost compared to painting and replacement.

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Specialty Milwaukee HVAC services

Specialty Services for
Unique Needs

Air Maintenance Inc has a wide scope of services to best suit the unique needs of our residential, industrial, commercial and healthcare clients. We are the only NADCA certified duct cleaning company and WHEA certified construction contractors qualified to provide air duct encapsulation and sealing services to healthcare facilities.

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Commercial Cleaning and HVAC/r Maintenance Articles

Air Maintenance, Inc is the number one resource for all your commercial cleaning and HVAC/r maintenance needs.  From air duct cleaning and ceiling cleaning to commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, we provide the best HVAC/r maintenance service in the greater Milwaukee area and throughout SE Wisconsin.   Our expert HVAC/r contractors and air duct cleaning professionals provide these helpful articles on heating and cooling systems and commercial cleaning services.  Check our news section often to learn about the latest developments in energy efficient heating and cooling systems, air duct cleaning methods and other commercial cleaning related topics.

Contact the expert commercial cleaning and HVAC/r maintenance contractors at Air Maintenance, Inc for a free estimate or to learn more about our wide range of services.

  • NADCA HVAC Energy Efficiency Research Project

    Milwaukee HVAC Cleaning Services Saves Energy The everyday use of Milwaukee heating and cooling systems in a home or building can use anywhere between 30%-50% of the overall usage of energy.  In bigger buildings, even more energy may be used solely to power the heating and cooling systems.  Even in newer homes and buildings, everyday use of these systems often leads to a large buildup of dust, dirt and animal dander.  The buildup of air polluting particles such as dust and dirt w... Read More

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  • Milwaukee Duct Cleaning Company for Improved IAQ

    Wisconsin Duct Cleaning and HEPA Filters for Improved Air Quality Air Maintenance Inc. is the premier provider of commercial and residential HVAC cleaning and maintenance for Southeastern Wisconsin residents.  Common commercial customers include hospitals, restaurants, schools, hotels, and anywhere a large group of individuals are in close proximity to each other.  Our skilled technicians are experienced HVAC cleaning and repair specialists.  We can handle your entire commercial ... Read More

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  • Milwaukee HVAC Contractors Follow Highest Standard of Quality

    Quality Air Duct Cleaning in Waukesha by Certified Professionals The expert Air Maintenance, Inc. Waukesha HVAC contractors deliver cost competitive and professional service. Without proper cleaning by a professional, ducts can clog or become caked with harmful and flammable chemicals. This easily preventable situation often leads to fires and unsanitary air throughout buildings. Regular cleaning of HVAC systems preserves a safe environment for employees, customers and property. Air Maintenance... Read More

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  • Attention Healthcare Managers

    Important Additions and Revisions to Healthcare Facility Guidelines On picking up the 2010 edition, users of previous editions of the Guidelines will notice a new organization to the content. This edition has been reorganized to reflect the numbering system of other national codes and standards that design professionals and owners use every day. In addition, for clarity, full paragraph references are used in the text, including the chapter number followed by a... Read More

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  • I-BEAM provided by the EPA

    What is I-BEAM? The Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM) is a guidance tool designed for use by building professionals and others interested in indoor air quality in commercial buildings. I-BEAM updates and expands EPA's Building Air Quality guidance and is designed to be a comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings. I-BEAM contains text, animation/visual, and interactive/calculation components that can be used to perform... Read More

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  • The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (6604J) EPA Document # 402-K-93-007, April 1995 The following are excerpts from this booklet: Disclaimer Information provided in this booklet is based on current scientific and technical understanding of the issues presented and is reflective of the jurisdictional boundaries established by the statutes governing the co-authoring ag... Read More

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  • Regular upkeep, efficient equipment can help restaurants control energy costs!

    As the cost of energy rises, restaurateurs take steps to cushion the impact of energy on the bottom line. Chef Aidan Waite demostrates equipment for Rational Cooking Systems Inc. at Duke Power's Customer Resource Center. January 11, 2005 — From convection microwaves, induction cook-tops and blast chillers to maintenance schedules and consultants, restaurants are investing in new ways to control energy costs. The reason: Rising energy prices continue to impact restaurants' bottom lines. ... Read More

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Milwaukee HVAC Cleaning Services Saves Energy The everyday use of Milwaukee heating and cooling sys...

Wisconsin Duct Cleaning and HEPA Filters for Improved Air Quality Air Maintenance Inc. is the premi...