kitchen exhaust cleaning Milwaukee

Keep Your Kitchen

Air Maintenance Inc provides thorough and comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services. From the vent hood to the exhaust fan, our commercial cleaning experts pay great attention to detail cleaning your entire exhaust system.

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Milwaukee HVAC cleaning

Efficient and Effective
HVAC Cleaning

Keep your HVAC/r system performing at peak efficiency with regular cleaning service from the experts at Air Maintenance Inc. Our heating and cooling technicians provide efficient and effective HVAC/r system cleaning services to prevent future breakdown and ensure your system is performing at optimum energy efficiency.

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Air duct cleaning Milwaukee

Maintain a Healthy
Indoor Air Quality

Air Maintenance Inc is dedicated to providing a safer, healthier environment to live, work and play. We are the only certified NADCA and IKECA Duct cleaning and WHEA construction contracting company in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee ceiling cleaning

Revitalize Your

Air Maintenance Inc provides expert ceiling cleaning services to deodorize and revitalize your ceiling. Cleaning your ceiling will improve light and provide a healthier, more inviting environment for a fraction of the cost compared to painting and replacement.

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Specialty Milwaukee HVAC services

Specialty Services for
Unique Needs

Air Maintenance Inc has a wide scope of services to best suit the unique needs of our residential, industrial, commercial and healthcare clients. We are the only NADCA certified duct cleaning company and WHEA certified construction contractors qualified to provide air duct encapsulation and sealing services to healthcare facilities.

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Air Duct Cleaning Before

Air Duct Cleaning Milwaukee Businesses Trust

Air Maintenance, Inc provides vent and duct cleaning Milwaukee residents demand. The extreme dust buildup in this air duct is a common sight for Air Maintenance, Inc.’s HVAC cleaning professionals. Dust accumulates rapidly inside air ducts, restricting the flow of hot or cold air. Significant duct blockage forces the ventilation system to work harder, reducing its efficiency and driving up energy costs.

Air Maintenance, Inc.’s duct cleaning experts thoroughly cleaned this dusty ventilation duct using professional cleaning tools. These excessive clumps of dust had built up over time. Our technicians remove dust and dirt buildup from deep within your ventilation system using specialized tools to reach down the entire length of your ducts. 

Many commercial operations produce inordinate amounts of dust and debris. This material is quickly sucked up into the ventilation system and deposited within the air ducts. These companies are in greater need of superior quality duct cleaning services from Air Maintenance, Inc.  For businesses producing hazardous particulates, regular air duct cleaning services are especially necessary.

The duct cleaning professionals at Air Maintenance, Inc. perform air duct cleaning in homes and businesses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Your building, large or small, will be significantly more energy efficient when you invest in our comprehensive duct cleaning services.

Contact the HVAC cleaning professionals at Air Maintenance, Inc for duct cleaning services Milwaukee restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, businesses and residents trust.

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