kitchen exhaust cleaning Milwaukee

Keep Your Kitchen

Air Maintenance Inc provides thorough and comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services. From the vent hood to the exhaust fan, our commercial cleaning experts pay great attention to detail cleaning your entire exhaust system.

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Milwaukee HVAC cleaning

Efficient and Effective
HVAC Cleaning

Keep your HVAC/r system performing at peak efficiency with regular cleaning service from the experts at Air Maintenance Inc. Our heating and cooling technicians provide efficient and effective HVAC/r system cleaning services to prevent future breakdown and ensure your system is performing at optimum energy efficiency.

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Air duct cleaning Milwaukee

Maintain a Healthy
Indoor Air Quality

Air Maintenance Inc is dedicated to providing a safer, healthier environment to live, work and play. We are the only certified NADCA and IKECA Duct cleaning and WHEA construction contracting company in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee ceiling cleaning

Revitalize Your

Air Maintenance Inc provides expert ceiling cleaning services to deodorize and revitalize your ceiling. Cleaning your ceiling will improve light and provide a healthier, more inviting environment for a fraction of the cost compared to painting and replacement.

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Specialty Milwaukee HVAC services

Specialty Services for
Unique Needs

Air Maintenance Inc has a wide scope of services to best suit the unique needs of our residential, industrial, commercial and healthcare clients. We are the only NADCA certified duct cleaning company and WHEA certified construction contractors qualified to provide air duct encapsulation and sealing services to healthcare facilities.

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NADCA HVAC Energy Efficiency Research Project

Milwaukee HVAC Cleaning Services Saves Energy

The everyday use of Milwaukee heating and cooling systems in a home or building can use anywhere between 30%-50% of the overall usage of energy.  In bigger buildings, even more energy may be used solely to power the heating and cooling systems.  Even in newer homes and buildings, everyday use of these systems often leads to a large buildup of dust, dirt and animal dander.  The buildup of air polluting particles such as dust and dirt within the heating or cooling system can be the cause of several issues for the home or building’s occupants.  Poor indoor air quality, system failure and energy waste are among the most prevalent of these issues.

Air flow is the key to a productive and energy-efficient cooling system.  Air flow is often impeded by a large buildup of air polluting particles within the ducts, filter, coils, and other system components.  Professional cleaning is a simple solution to this common issue.  Expert cleaning of a heating or cooling system is more than simply cleaning the ducts of the system.  Professional cleaners examine and clean all soiled system parts including ducts, vents, coils, registers, and blowers.  Our Milwaukee HVAC maintenance experts have the tools and experience necessary to provide in depth HVAC system cleaning services across Southeastern Wisconsin.

In 2008, NADCA, or the National Air Duct Cleaner Association, developed an energy-saving research project to quantify the amount of energy savings created while operating a professionally cleaned heating and cooling system. NADCA worked together with The University of Colorado at Boulder to develop a computer model which would produce solid evidence of the energy saving through the cleaning of heating and cooling systems.  The project used one house contained within the Larson Lab, as well as two field studies.  The findings of the research conducted by NADCA and The University of Colorado proved quite astonishing.  The heating and cooling systems used for analysis within the research project were considered to be only slightly dirty, especially when compared to systems which have had little to no maintenance.  Despite the fact the tested systems were only slightly dirty, the computer model developed by NADCA revealed system cleaning led to an 11% savings on energy.  The professional cleaning of a much more severely dirtied system, such as those in most homes and buildings, should prove to produce an even larger savings on energy usage.

The NADCA energy-saving research project’s findings should be enough to convince any home or building owner to consider a complete professional cleaning of their heating and cooling system.  Those in need of an expert system cleaning should go to trusted professionals who will get the job done on their schedule.  Air Maintenance professional contractors will show you how our HVAC cleaning services can save you energy today.

Top HVAC Cleaners in Milwaukee

We employ only the most professional and highly trained technicians and cleaners to help you increase air flow and decrease energy usage.  Our wide-range of cleaning services ensures we will be able to help you save energy no matter how big or small your building or home. Whether you need duct cleaning, HVAC cleaning, or HVAC preventative maintenance, Air Maintenance, Inc. has the professionals who can help you.    We use the latest technology and tools to provide you with a quality experience which is sure to help you cut your energy bills.  Air Maintenance, Inc. is a family owned company who understands you may have a timeline or schedule to keep, which is why we will work around your schedule. Our professionals will come whenever is most convenient for you to start your energy saving heating and cooling professional cleaning.  Start saving energy today with a complete HVAC system cleaning from the Air Maintenance, Inc. professional HVAC contractors and duct cleaners.

Contact the Milwaukee HVAC cleaning professionals at Air Maintenance, Inc to start saving money with energy efficient heating and cooling today!

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